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About Goodrich Group

Goodrich Group is a Business Conglomerate with diversified commercial interest and activities to offer services to large section of clientele. Goodrich is the perfect combination of power of venture, combining the technical and marketing expertise of highly professional team with business acumen.

From the basic manufacturing of Herbal Extracts, Agro Gum and Modified Starches, Goodrich Group’s flagship company Goodrich Carbohydrates Limited started manufacturing Liquid Glucose and Maltodextrin powder & liquid in the year 2002 at their state of art production facility at Karnal (Haryana). This was the first commercial production facility in India to use unconventional broken rice to produce Liquid Glucose and Maltodextin.

In the year 2009, Goodrich Carbohydrates Limited entered the Bakery and food service market by introducing Non Dairy Whip Topping, Eggless Concentrates & Premixes followed by Pure/Industrial Chocolate Slabs, Choco Chips, Chocolate Paste, Pizza Topping Cheese, Neutral and Flavoured Decorative Glaze.

After a great success of above products in the Indian market, Goodrich Carbohydrates Limited started manufacturing Instant Tea/Coffee Creamer and Non Dairy Creamer followed by introducing Table Spread and Cooking Cream for institutional and consumer market.

Goodrich is able to offer its valued customers the optimum products and services with the quality and consistency of our products, being innovative and proactive in responding to new developments and a wide distribution network all over India.



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