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Fresh Baker's Yeast

Goodrich Fresh Baker's Yeast

Goodrich Yeast is the very 1st Plant in India to commercially use an eco-friendly raw material Rice Syrup along with Molasses to produce fresh Baker Yeast. Compressed Yeast has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of today's professional bakers. Manufactured under Goodrich's strict food safety and quality control principals, the product continues under these guidelines to be delivered by refrigerated food transport vehicles to warehouses and local bakeries.


The benefits of using Goodrich Fresh Compressed Yeast are


  • 1. Easy handling characteristics at the mixer with uniform dispersion throughout the dough mass in all types of mixers.
  • 2. Tolerant to high and low sugar dough recipe.





  • Dry Matter (%) : NLT 32
  • Protein (%)  : Aprx 45 to 46
  • Nitrogen (%)  : 7 - 7.5
  • Phosphate (%)  : 2.2 - 2.5
  • Applications


    Goodrich Compressed Yeast is suitable for use in all types of yeast raised products including Pan Breads, Bread Roils, French Breads, Rye Breads, Croissants and Yeast raised donuts.
  • Ingredients


    Saccharomyces Cereviasea
  • Usage Rate


    Usage rate is 3% on flour weight or 750 grams of Goodrich Fresh Compressed Yeast per 25 kg flour.
  • Shelf Life


    Goodrich Fresh Compressed Yeast has a shelf life of 21 days when stored refrigerated between 1 to 4 degree Celsius.
  • Physical Appearance


    Creamy color, moist, solid cake.
  • Packaging


    Goodrich Fresh Compressed Yeast comes creamy moist 500gm block that is hygienically wrapped in Polycoated. It is packed as 20 x 500 gm i.e. 10 kg carton.